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Friday, July 12, 2013

Fishing Viking Island in July with Vandini

Scott Horwath has become a lake trout fisherman here at Viking Island.
It seems that Mike and Scott can always find the lake trout.
Their fishing week of choice is July 4th.
You might be surprised at how shallow these fish are at the beginning of July.
Jim was happy to find this guy.
42 inches and very fat.
Jim puts these guys back in the lake
and this girl is still patrolling
the narrows on Douglas Lake.
Jim prefers to fish for northern
and he finds them on Douglas.

Scott likes to find a northern
.... no problem
They have plenty of pictures of northern
and it is difficult to pick one picture or another.
So I look for the good looking men.
Mike likes to try all the lakes
in the area for lake trout
This could be Hatchett, Peterson,
Caribou, Page or Douglas.
Don't forget to fish on Douglas Lake. 
Easy to catch supper here.
A couple of walleye and a smaller pike
make a perfect supper.
Just one more Lake Trout.

Thinking of fishing in July???

Come on up.

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  1. The Fishing is just awesome. This was my best year fishing up here ever, I have been coming up here since 1986 and the fishing gets better every year. Mike Vandini


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