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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Caribou at Rheaume Lake

Our Canadian Woodland Caribou is a rare sight.  Their antlers are not as wide as barren land caribou to allow them to get through the trees.  Their hair is hollow which means that they float higher than a moose and you will be able to see their white tail and most of their back as they swim.  These animals usually hang out in fens and mature jack pine forests during the summer so you don't often see them by the water.  Over the years, though, guests at Rheaume and Orono Lakes have reported glimpsing them.  On some of the lakes in Woodland Caribou Park in the spring, guests have watched a mother taking her calf off an island.

Dear Enid,
We are so sorry to have missed visiting with you on our trip last week. Hugh said you were out at the main camp. We had another splendid week of fishing at Rheaume.

The Scholz family from Ohio enjoyed another highly successful week fishing at Rheaume. We found the fishing so good there was hardly a slack moment. Enclosed are photos of my cousin Roger with a nice walleye and my Uncle Jack with his largest northern. The highlight of my week was seeing this critter eating grass on a peninsula. From way off I thought it was a moose, but when I drifted closer much to my surprise, it came down to the waters edge checking me out, then walked into the water and swam right next to my boat.

Hope to see you next year,

Jim Scholz
Thank you, Jim, for your pictures and note!  You were indeed lucky to watch that beautiful caribou.

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  1. Dear Enid, Thanks so much for posting my photos. It is always a special pleasure to get to see one of your 'exotic' animals.

    One of the things that amazes us the most on our trips with you is the absolute silence when the wind is down. The peacefulness has to be experienced to be fully understood.

    On many of the bed frames, past visitors wrote comments on what they experienced while on the lake. We enjoyed reading every one of them, but our favorite was the "Admiral, USS Snorer" comment left in the back bed room. Having an extreme snorer along surely adds to the trip in it's own little way. This year we had two who seemingly were holding their own little contest each night.

    On the same thought as your take a kid fishing idea, while up on the lake we talked that Rheaume would be an excellent choice for a visit for first time fly-in fishermen. The lake is sheltered just right and is teaming with fish, plus there is always the chance of getting into a lunker at any moment.
    JS, Ohio


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