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Monday, September 16, 2013

Take a Kid Fishing!

Hi Roseanne.  Better late than never I hope.  Here are some pictures from a couple of our fishing trips at Viking.  The one with the little girl is from our trip in July of 2010 when she caught this 24.5" walleye on the first day on a Barbie fishing pole.  All the guys trying to convince their wives they need expensive fishing equipment will not be happy about that.  :)  The other two photos are from our July trip this year.  The walleye was our largest at 26.5" and the northern (caught on a jig walleye fishing) was 41.5".  Unfortunately they had the smallest net of any of the four boats so getting the northern in the boat was an adventure in itself.  Lots of excitement and many memories created on our trip to Viking as usual.

Renee Thums

Two families, the Rahns and the Thums, were fishing on Rheaume this July.  My granddaughter, Rhian, also has great luck with her Barbie rod.  She has been known to out fish her Dad and Mum.  Enid

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  1. Glad to see a new post to your blog. I look everyday to see if you have a new story. Keep them coming. Maybe next year I will return home to the great lake region. Red Lake calls me all year long. For me it is a place to go to and let my worries slide on by. I have missed your post this summer. Hope all is well at Viking Island.


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