My family runs a float plane service, outposts and a lodge. This is more than a business; it is a life style.
Every year, every season, every day brings something new. I try to blog about life our way.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas from Red Lake

A Bright Day for Snowshoeing
 It may be cold but, with no wind and the brightest blue sky ever, it is great to be outside.  

Looks like the Otter is out and about too.
Hugh has decided on this Christmas tree
We are not too picky at our house.

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  1. We've been WORRIED about you! Give us an up-date.
    Are you curling again? Rocky and I just got back from three weeks in Mexico, and the three of us are trying to plan a fishing trip in Louisiana in March. We've also been thinking about Viking Island again in August, but need our Aussie friend to commit before we settle on a week. Without him, we'll probably switch to the week earlier than usual. We're thinking of about a THIRD of the food we brought last year!


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